Band wagon

The world says hop on
So you say
Why not
Leaving your originality and creativity away in the dust
The world tells you to
Wear this
Say that
Tweet this
Instagram that
The truth is
You don’t know who you are anymore
You’ve forgetten everything you stand for
Because of what society
Lives for
So step on the brakes
Pull out the keys
And step off the…
Band wagon

-Bettina Hicks


Hello!Hi.Hola.I’m Bettina and i’m a soon to be freshman.Yayyy!!! *sarcasm freshman.My first year in high shool…and over half the people i went through middle shool with have boyfriends or girlfriends,while im over here like “Heyyyy…yeahhhh….i dont have a boyfriend.Then i realized i don’t need a boyfriend to get through highschool with.This goes out to male and female.Fate at some point will put with your soul mate.It might all start off with sitting next to each other in 1st period your first day of freshman year or it could be the one person that picked up your papers becaus wyou droppwd them.If your 14 and single(like me) dont worry you still have years to find that perfecr person.Like the Imagine Dragons’ song “Amsterdam” says : “Your time will come if you wait for it…its hard believe me ive tried…” So in conclusion stay focused on the positive,enjoy life and as stressful as being a teen is…you’ll get through it.Just remeber you’ll have stories to tell to your kids when they are teens.Dont let the SAT or acne keep you down.Enjoy be young and free…Welcome to my blog…teenliving.Im basically going to be giving my opinions about stuff that myself and other teens go through.My grammar/spelling/keyboard isnt perfect so bare with me.Anyway eat pizza,live and be a teen.